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2019 April 15 News Update from Association of Alberta Dental Assistants


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The Canadian Dental Assistants Association (CDAA) is very pleased to announce that on June 1, 2017, the Association of Alberta Dental Assistants (AADA) joined the CDAA as the voice for Alberta dental assistants at the national level. 

The CDAA is looking towards the future of dental assisting in Canada with commitment, determination and a positive approach to meet our challenges as we strive for unity across the country.  CDAA is proud be able to work together with our colleagues from Alberta to advance the profession of dental assisting in Canada.


AADA is proud to have Henry Schein as our sole and valued sponsor of our 5th Anniversary year.  Thank you Henry Schein

Henry Schein


Update on WCB  January 5, 2017

The Association of Alberta Dental Assistants (AADA), our provincial professional organization that represents the interests of RDAs, has been working towards obtaining Worker Compensation Benefits (WCB) coverage for all RDAs and dental staff. AADA took over this initiative from the Edmonton Dental Assistants Association (EDAA) in 2014. Prior to that time, the EDAA had worked very hard to connect with and obtain written support from local, provincial and national professional organizations and collect written evidence to support our request for coverage. This information was sent to the Minister of Labour and WCB CEO in 2008. (You can see this information on our website at under the Initiatives folder). With changes in government occurring every 4 years and changes of which individuals serve in Ministerial positions, it has been a huge challenge to make any headway. Most recently, the AADA sent a 160 page submission to the WCB Review Panel with a new request for coverage for all dental staff. That submission was forwarded to the Minister of Labour and we are currently waiting for an opportunity to speak with the Minister about this issue.

To keep you informed of the work of the WCB review panel, there is a link at the end of this post that you can click on to learn more about the work of this panel, their findings and their reports. Please take the time to keep informed. If you have any questions about the Association of Alberta Dental Assistants submission or work on your behalf, please contact the AADA Corporate office at 780-987-2022 or email

New information has been added to the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Review website – Chair Blog, December 2016. Please follow the link to review this information. Thank you for your interest in the review.


Certificate of Appreciation received from The Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association:


News on WCB survey for AADA website
Dental staff (RDA, RDH, DBA, DDS, other) are invited to share their opinions and experiences with the Workers’ Compensation Board review panel. You may offer feedback through an online questionnaire at until July 15.

Most dental staff do not have coverage. ALL working Albertans need to be covered for work related illness and injury. If you do not have coverage your only option for medical costs and lost wages is to sue your employer. This is not a choice that staff should need to make. Please take this opportunity to ask the government to ensure that everyone has equal coverage under the WCB. Take the survey now!

“Workers, large industries, small and medium-sized businesses, labour unions, safety and industry associations and other Albertans all have interests in the WCB system. They bring their own perspectives, wisdom and unique ideas about how the WCB should operate. By working together, our panel can develop recommendations to help ensure a WCB that works for everyone.” Mia Norrie, Chair, WCB Review Panel

The Workers’ Compensation Board review is part of the government’s commitment to review its agencies, boards and commissions. It’s being conducted by an independent three-member panel with extensive experience in representing workers and employers through Alberta’s workers’ compensation system. Following the questionnaire and submissions, the panel will work with these key groups through the fall and winter to examine issues in greater detail.

The panel is examining the WCB’s governance and effectiveness, relevant legislation, the principles of compensation and policies – including those related to privacy and confidentiality – and the transparency of processes and decision-making. This review also includes the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation and the Medical Panel Office. The last comprehensive review was conducted more than 15 years ago. The panel is expected to provide a progress update to government in fall 2016 and a final report in spring 2017.


The AADA Chairman of the Board contacted the College of Alberta Dental Assistants on your behalf in May 2015 to convey the concerns of RDAs at the AADA AGM on April 2, 2015 to the CADA Council. These RDAs are also registrants of CADA and licensed in AB.

The letter and the response from CADA are included on this page.

The AADA Chairman of the Board contacted the College of Alberta Dental Assistants in May 2015 on behalf of the signatories of a Petition on Association Sign in sheets for verification of attendance. The signatories are all registrants of CADA and licensed in AB.

The letter that accompanied the petition signatures and the response from CADA are included on this page.

2015 May 28 Petition Letter to CADA

2015 June 30 Response from CADA Registrar to Petition

May 27 2015 letter to CADA Council – Final

2015 June 30 Response from CADA President to AADA AGM issues

Newsletter November 2015